Our Story

Our goal is to be as pure and inspiring as the ocean. In fact, our name derives from the fusion of the two eldest grand-daughters, Malia and Kaia that — in Hawaiian culture — translates literally as “going toward the ocean.” Makai & Makai Cares was founded by a grandmother of four, Darylla Flores and her daughter Heidi, who herself is a mother of two little princesses. 

What’s purer than the naiveté of a child? Nothing, as best as we can tell. That’s how we knew our idea to create beneficial, environmentally-friendly products which would help maintain the innocence of these precious resources was important! Knowing that adults are their best examples, we chose to focus on producing better skincare products for them too. 

The reasons for our founding Makai & Makai Cares are both personal and a reflection of our values. For this reason, our products will always be imbued with the love of family, nature, and better health. We invite you to join us on our journey toward the ocean, as we’re sure it’s a journey that’s best taken, together

Darylla & Heidi