The Inspiration Behind Makai/ Makai Cares

What good is bringing attention to a problem if you don’t help to solve it? This is what we were thinking as we read the label of one of our little ones’ Body wash while giving her a bath. And then also started to look at adult products, we were using as well. Parabens, sulfates, petroleum? We couldn’t think of any good reasons why these should be on her skin or ours!

As we began digging deeper into the ingredients of her body care products (and ours for that matter), we became emboldened; in fact, we were sure that we could facilitate a change... for the better. So we made it our goal to provide natural, safer, essential daily-use products for both adults and children.

This effort has culminated in the launching of that helped us to realize our previously stated goals—in ways we’d never even imagined! By offering healthier bath and body essentials via a few quick clicks, we grew increasingly confident that our efforts would result in more enlightened daily regimens for our customers.

Did we mention how our partnership with you fits nicely into the green movement, by helping heal the environment with bio-degradable products! To conclude, we’re very pleased to be launching as this will enable us to bring our products, story, and vision for the future to consumers and the larger public. Consider this our cordial invitation to join us on our journey toward a better tomorrow and for generations to come. 

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen,